Design manager

There are a lot of CMSs out there but not those that will allow you to manage design. You can load predefined design and just add your content, tweak it and you are good to go or you can create your own design. You don\'t need to know any programming language to do it. All you need to do is drag and drop some containers and pick your rows configuration. Place your modules, blog and menu where you want them to be. You can even set your styles, set background color or image, font size... be creative.

What means XLeco?

XLeco is a platform on which is possible to make a website. XLeco is also the name for a collection of technologies that are used to produce web presentation on the internet which we selected and put together as XLeco technology. Xleco is also an index of those who apply XLeco technology to their webpages. Using index according to various criteria it is possible to find specific users. Xleco mean initiative for the ecology of the Internet, for the revitalization of websites as well as recycling of old sites. XLeco mean "Great ecology of the Internet". Xleco represents a major ecology of the Internet and hence encourage clear and fresh colors that adorn the entire system and suggest these values.