File manager

Content doesn't have to be written only. You can supplement your content with pictures. You can also optimize pictures right in the file manager. Optimized pictures will make your web site load faster and it will save internet data for your mobile visitors. There is also option to resize, crop and add some effects to your pictures in content editor while you are writing your content.
We recognize two different types of files:
Pictures (Fotos) usualy jpg format or sometimes png.
For fotos we user jpg format which is easy to compress and produce small files that are quick to download.

What means XLeco?

XLeco is a platform on which is possible to make a website. XLeco is also the name for a collection of technologies that are used to produce web presentation on the internet which we selected and put together as XLeco technology. Xleco is also an index of those who apply XLeco technology to their webpages. Using index according to various criteria it is possible to find specific users. Xleco mean initiative for the ecology of the Internet, for the revitalization of websites as well as recycling of old sites. XLeco mean "Great ecology of the Internet". Xleco represents a major ecology of the Internet and hence encourage clear and fresh colors that adorn the entire system and suggest these values.