How to make a website

Short and quick advice how to make web page with XLeco

Short and quick advice how to make web page with XLeco
The most important, when You get your page is to follow this route and please start from 1.Content and 2.Files. After that you prepare materilas you can start with actual design of 3.Slider and 4.Menu. At the end 5. layout of your materials (articles and pictures, sliders, menus) in new design or exchange them in one of prepared layout. On webpage you are showing your information and if you have not prepared information there is nothing that can be shown.

  1. On the first please generate Categories to have containers where to put articles.
    After that we write content or copy-paste article text from external text document. If article is used just to show on some place on template, it is not need to be published.
    If you want to put article to menu or publish it in blog it must to be published. Editor has system templates for articles, additional, every article is automatically template, so that you can once format article and reuse format.
  2. Put documents and pictures on server or on Cloud. Distribute pictures in articles. (This can be done as first, good prepared start has all pictures and texts alredy)
  3. Make sliders selecting pictures. Pictures for sliders have to be 1170 Pixel wide and all same high.
  4. Define menu structure, putting articles and other elements, you can move menu points with mouse. You can use automatic menu by categories.
  5. At the end of this process you have to define design, designing your elements that you prepared before! If you start with design, there is nothing what you can design!
    You are putting your content and design layout to show it, if there is no content, you have nothing to design and nothing to show!
    You can use one of our predesigned layouts and exchange elements there with your own, or you can define new design from scratch.
  6. Settings are usually used on very beginning (administrative language) and at the end to publish site.

How to make a website

We've all heard that it is good for business to have a current and a good website. And the simple question is how to get to the web site that will be optimal.

The answer to this simple question is also simple: It all depends on the wishes and needs.
Imperative of this time to have a website. But what that bring to have the best site when no one knows about it. So for a website, like any other product, is needed to make promotion.
The easiest way of promoting the Internet itself and on the Internet is certainly Google search machine.
The site can also be promoted by flyers, business cards, ads, tv and many other ways that require higher costs, but also have greater effects.

I website alone certainly cannot make new customers or new earnings, the site serves as a liaison with existing customers and increase the confidence of both the new and old customers that in this way we can easily inform of updates. For new users site gives the first information and the first impression of us building trust between.

There are several facts that are universally applicable to any site and that fact on the site, the layout and amenities can be established only if customers find answers to questions that have to be completely honest. We will try to ask these questions and give possible answers to them, before we begin to deal with the site.

Who does not have website, he does not exist...

What we want to achieve with our site?

From this question depends on many things and it should always be kept in mind when something is published. Never forget through that if something is published, then it cannot be annulled, so be very careful of what is revealed to Internet because it never forgets anything!

  • To gain new customers
  • To inform existing customers.
  • To show our seriousness and flexibility.
  • To make the image campaign to demonstrate how we can be successful.
  • To have a site, because others have it, this is of course the worst possible reason and if it is already reason
    then you should at least give a useful purpose

How to get the site?

There are several ways to get to the site, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these options?

Friend make site for You
Advantage: cheap - it costs so much and is worth
The bad: when one does not have time acquaintance, no more changes, as well as the site is at risk because there is no guarantee that it will work tomorrow

You give to one company to produce site for you
Advantage: the site is professionally done but very, very expensive
The bad: We do not have any control over the design and amenities, a collection

The combination of the two previous methods
Advantage: inexpensive, it is possible at any time from any device and at any place and at any time to change all aspects of the site, safe, design is done by professionals but with possible changes to its needs at the right time.
The bad: let us know so we can fix the bugs!

What is in any case necessary to prepare before the approaches to make site

The idea how site might look like, see how similar sites on the Internet look like, there are countless sites and it is very easy to find ideas that somewhere already achieved.

The material that is needed and why is required

-quality and short text

(Do not no mistake to believe that visitors will be ready to read novels on the Internet)
The texts on topics that we want to publish - without text there can be no site.
Example texts that nobody reads it alone this text, i do not hope that someone will read it but he will find no typographical and other errors. Of course except for those who need this text is definitive too long but very good quality and is going to be read by only those who really want to own high quality site.

-The photos in the highest quality.

Preferably taken by a professional equipment
without quality photos and graphics has beautiful and attractive website. Instead of an attack design is always better to put your photos
Visitor must be in a few seconds the text and graphics to tell their full story
Visitors to the site should again come

This is the most critical part is the planning of the site:

Site must be changed regularly because it brings life to the site
Outdated site is worth as newspaper from yesterday!
There is always something new on the site is simply an inevitable part of the work with the site and the largest value on the site. This must be planned in advance and to choose the means to achieve that effect. Of relevance and frequency change depends on many things: Attracting visitors to regularly visit the site, positioning on search engines.
For these purposes serve Metadata and Meta keywords that are more important than the very controversial content. No paid positioning cannot give effect to a site that regularly has new content and filled metadata. This is the basis of positioning on search engines and the basis for the re-visit clients.

When you have these elements of the site should have an idea of grouping content (menu, links, buttons ...)
Only when these items are certain considerations that need access to these elements are present and look for a design that could most effectively to present these elements to visitor.

Building site with XLeco

We offer on the very beginning, several design proposal which can be all the possible contents of the countless ways to show. These design templates you can easily customize to your needs. To be able to optimally use these design templates (layout) should first prepare your content and the logical order. If you start from the end, from the layout, you will not have anything to put in it. If you start from the menu, you will not be able to make me free articles.
Set content categories, and automatic menus you cannot do without the category.
But before we move on to the design create content and place images into text. To facilities looked better have a template for the design of content, but also each of your content automatically becomes a template for future facilities so that there is no need to each individual article reformat, this gives you the beauty of the site and saves a huge amount of effort
Then create menus or define automated menus that automatically populate menu with categories that you previously created
Determine which images should be at the slider, these images should have high-quality, preferably processed to have HDR quality and that all the various dimensions we recommend that the width of 1170 pixels and height as desired (for each the same) but not too large cover all activities when the site first opened, it is assumed that the site has something else ...)
Only when you have defined the previous items and articles (which may be in categories like blog and must be published in order to view it) as individual modules anywhere on the site and may not be published in this case.
Switch to design and set up of these elements (replace existing design elements to your previously prepared elements). Design proposals that we have put predefined elements that are there to assist you in planning the final appearance of the site. You need to replace these items to your elements or delete them.
The key is to stick to this order, because it is the only way to make your successful and beautiful site.
If it turns out that it does not, you can create your own website, we are here to give you a small one-time fee or help to create a professional design of any kind.
But without you and your texts and pictures no one you cannot make a site.
We know how to make a site if we have material and your ideas, and you how you present your goods or services, if any holds that what the expert that's success in both fields.
Although our tools are so simple that anyone can I myself make a quality site, it is possible that you are really an expert on some important field and that does not belong to any group, it is of course good to have us as experts in our area to help it and presenting your well, but after that you can entirely properly themselves to continue to maintain.
Another objection, perhaps most important, before you change something always make a copy. Never change the more things at once, but after one and watch the change if the change does not return the copy back.

What means XLeco?

XLeco is a platform on which is possible to make a website. XLeco is also the name for a collection of technologies that are used to produce web presentation on the internet which we selected and put together as XLeco technology. Xleco is also an index of those who apply XLeco technology to their webpages. Using index according to various criteria it is possible to find specific users. Xleco mean initiative for the ecology of the Internet, for the revitalization of websites as well as recycling of old sites. XLeco mean "Great ecology of the Internet". Xleco represents a major ecology of the Internet and hence encourage clear and fresh colors that adorn the entire system and suggest these values.