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XLeco System history

In the year 2000 Jovan Bogojevic recognized the need quality information on the Internet and define the concepts of ecology and the Internet and began to work on the improvement of internet technology.
He is the founder of the following systems: CDRMS (2002), Index (2008), and the latest XLeco which is the newest. There of course come terms of revitalization and recycling of obsolete web sites and technologies that are no longer supported, even by founder companies. These are flash, java script and more because they carry in themselves huge security risks.
So that this all can be called the ecology of the Internet. And that's exactly what you XLeco deals, preserving the environment, providing opportunities to information on the Internet run accurate and current. This is not now possible with the old technology and the Internet in the meanwhile has become a place full of outdated and bad information, so it is actually much more misinformation than information on the Internet. Internet is growing at a tremendous speed, and changes in technology are increasing. Without a system like XLeco can no longer imagine the maintenance of information on the Internet. We are just the first of many that will use new technology and allow customers maintain their information in real time.
Our CDRMS was far ahead of its time and today is one of the leading system. But the ravages of time by slowly eroding and more are on the horizon with new technology which is all that much easier, simpler and cheaper. So we decided to move to the first in the world we do use technology that had only emerged in the 21st century. Just like then CDRMS, today is XLeco vanguard new systems that will emerge in the coming years.

What means XLeco?

XLeco is a platform on which is possible to make a website. XLeco is also the name for a collection of technologies that are used to produce web presentation on the internet which we selected and put together as XLeco technology. Xleco is also an index of those who apply XLeco technology to their webpages. Using index according to various criteria it is possible to find specific users. Xleco mean initiative for the ecology of the Internet, for the revitalization of websites as well as recycling of old sites. XLeco mean "Great ecology of the Internet". Xleco represents a major ecology of the Internet and hence encourage clear and fresh colors that adorn the entire system and suggest these values.